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“Fielding Important Writing Related Calls” photo by my lady, June 2019

Who is Jacob?

Hello, and welcome to my directory! I’m honored to have you. Let me tell you a bit about myself and my writing.

I am a passionate reader, writer, and thinker, and autodidact, and I have bachelor’s degrees in English and Gender Studies. I love space, astronomy, cosmology, recent history and ancient history, anthropology, archaeology, art, music, philosophy, plants, animals, bodies of water, mountains, beaches, the Earth, writing, playing guitar, DJing, cannabis, entheogens, growing, learning, connecting, exploring, and many other things, besides. I bet we have some things in common!

I have a lot of experience editing, consulting on the writing…


In celebration of long sweltering days of cloud-watching and stargazing, Moon Duo’s “Lost Heads” is a psychedelic trip to the summer moon and beyond.

Summer, where I live, is rough. Hot most days, and humid as the devil’s armpit. It’s right tough to love the season ‘round these parts.

Don’t get me wrong — people do love summer in this moist, sun-baked piedmont, as they seem to in all parts. But for those of us sensitive to hot, humid climes, it’s hellish outside most summer days until a couple hours after the sun drops out of the sky.

If we’re being perfectly honest, many nights swelter here too. …

And she isn’t the one who should be apologizing

Marching for civil rights, 1965” by GPA Photo Archive, CC BY-NC 2.0: Marching for civil rights, Selma to Montgomery, AL, 1965 (photo by Peter Pettus, Library of Congress)

On July 28, 2021, Sha’Carri Richardson’s one-month suspension from the Tokyo Olympics — which she accepted after testing positive for THC (the psychoactive component of cannabis) — will lift.

On July 30th, the track and field events begin.

But Richardson will not get to run the 100 meter dash, an event for which she was highly favored for gold. Though her suspension ends before the events begin, the positive test and the suspension essentially erase her qualifying run.

Richardson’s loss begs many important questions. …

Cover Your Tracks (Music)

Warm, inviting, and unhurried, “Rocky” by the witty and laid-back Still Woozy is the perfect soundtrack for lazy summertime make-outs & backyard pool parties — and it’s track no. 3 from my “Cover Your Tracks” near-daily song recommendation series.

Image by Gerd Altmann, from Pixabay

Track: “Rocky”

Artist: Still Woozy

Genre: psychedelic pop, synth-pop, bedroom-pop

A mixtape inspired by this artist would be called: “Psilly Love Songs"

Why you should listen: Catchy, uplifting, relatable, intimate, sometimes laugh-out-loud funny, and easy to listen to, Still Woozy’s small discography is a veritable earworm farm. You should listen — and play it for all your friends — because it’s just so fun!

Who would like this track: fans of indie-pop, bedroom pop, chillwave and other softer psychedelic rock sounds, and R&B-inflected pop-rock

File with: early of Montreal, infinite bisous, HOMESHAKE, Crumb, Mild High Club, Triathalon, Cosmo Pyke


In Response: Allison Gaines on Whiteness

What if phoning it in wasn’t an option? What if anti-racism wasn’t hashtaggable? What if white people had to show up in person—or else be revealed as apathetic about or downright hostile to racial justice?

Communication Social Media Crowd Balloons Human” via Max Pixel, CC0 1.0

In a recent thoughtful piece on what leads white people to resist racial equality, the always brilliant Allison Gaines had me thinking about various things that enable white people to contribute so little to this fight — even those white people who, judging by their social media presence, are dedicated anti-racists. …

Cover Your Tracks (Music)

An experimental pop banger written and performed on DIY instruments by Brooklyn-based duo Buke & Gase — who absolutely refuse to let their music be bound by convention — is track no. 2 from my “Cover Your Tracks” near-daily song recommendation series.

Buke and Gase” by endless autumn CC BY 2.0, June 13, 2015

Track: “Typo”

Artist: Buke & Gase

Genre: experimental pop, experimental rock

A mixtape inspired by this artist would be called: Best of Brooklyn Crust-Pop

Why you should listen: Buke & Gase is a must-listen for musicians and anyone who likes smart music with rougher edges. It’s pop — but it’s a little bit feisty about that label. If you like more mainstream pop sounds, you still might like Buke & Gase — worth a try!

Who would like this track: fans of experimental pop, fans of experimental rock, fans of DIY music/instruments, musicians, smarties

Sounds like: a little bit like…

Cover Your Tracks (Music)

The first entry in a near-daily series called “Cover Your Tracks,” wherein I will recommend a song and tell why you should listen. First up is a hearty synth-pop banger with a super-slick aesthetic, and it’s guaranteed to have you calling S+C+A+R+R’s name for the rest of your days!

Photo by Ash Edmonds on Unsplash

Track: “The Rest of My Days”

Artist: S+C+A+R+R

Genre: synth pop, dance

A mixtape inspired by this artist would be called: “Bangers, Anonymous"

Why you should listen: Everything this artist releases is just so darn uplifting. Watch every S+C+A+R+R YouTube video for which you can spare the time — you won’t regret it. They have a cohesive, clean aesthetic, neat set design, and feature fresh choreography and compelling videography.

Who would like this track: fans of dance music, pop, indie pop, & synth-pop

I’ll be brutally honest: I kind of hate most radio pop music.

That wasn’t true when…

Where are my people? — the ones who write and read and comment — and write and write and write and read and write — but never publish. How did I end up in this camp, and how do I get out?

I can’t seem to get started here. To be precise: I can’t seem to get finished with getting started here.

It’s not that I don’t know what to write. It’s not even that I don’t write. It’s more of a publishing issue. I don’t know what to publish. I don’t know what to commit to having said. Neither do I know who my audience is — or who I should be trying to acquire as an audience.

Consequently, I don’t know what to say out loud.

Every impenetrable half-written draft leads to much self-interrogation about my Medium choices. …

The filibuster has got to go before its abuse ruins our chances of securing a healthy planet and a fair society for the future.

Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

We the people have a filibuster problem, plain and simple, if we want to see the positive change in the world that the general election results suggested that we want to see. According to Pew Research Center, 79% of voters polled in November 2020 said the economy was “very important” to their vote. Healthcare was “very important” to 68% of respondents; foreign policy was “very important" to 57% of respondents; gun policy to 55%; immigration to 52%; climate change to 42%; abortion to 40%. And so on. One lesson to take from this data: Americans care about policy. We want…

Not surprised to see that you watched this show shortly after watching "Breaking Bad" for the first time--I did the same! Except that when I watched "The Path," the last season wasn't out yet, so I don't know how it ends. Been thinking about that show here and there over the last couple years, the past year, especially. Political polarization, evangelical Christianity, Trump and Trumpism, GOP sex scandals (cough Matt Gaetz, cough, Trump, cough cough Brett Kavanaugh), the ongoing evolution of the GOP into... whatever they are now, mass protests, pandemic,, the capitol insurrection... etcetera... have all occasionally brought "The…

Jacob Flanders

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